It has been some time but Abundance is back for the harvest season of 2011.

We plan on doing regular picking sessions on *Sundays meeting at 11am* at the following dates and locations:

– 4th Sept – Forest Fields Pick – meet at: Forest Fields Tram stop
– 11th Sept – St Anns Pick – meet at: Ransom Road Entrance to St Anns
– 18th Sept – Lenton Pick – meet at: Savoy Cinema, Derby Road
– 25th Sept – Sneinton Pick – meet at: Stonebridge City Farm
– 2nd Oct – Lenton Pick – meet at: Savoy Cinema, Derby Road
– 9th Oct – Forest Fields Pick – meet at: Forest Fields Tram stop
– 16th Oct – Sneinton Pick – meet at: Sneinton Market
– 23rd Oct – St Anns Pick – meet at: Ransom Road Entrance to St Anns

(Tea and biscuits provided. Bring some food to share, if you’d like.)

You can join in for as much or as little time as you like. We generally
spend around 4-5 hours on these picking sessions, but that depends upon the

Please spread the word to any other people who might be interested – we rely
upon enthusiastic volunteers.

Email: abundancearea4@googlemail.com
Phone: 07722 613715 or 07947671182



Abundance is now taking a well-earned rest from all the tree scaling, fruit picking, and redistribution from autumn 2010.

Along with the trees, we are hibernating!

However, seasons being seasons we will start up again from the end of summer 2011.

To remind, we are 100% volunteer led and volunteer run and rely on community support and input to keep going.

So if avoiding fruit waste, promoting healthy eating and getting involved with the local community sound like your thing, we would love to hear from you – get in touch with us now to register your interest…

Here are some of the ways you can get involved with Abundance from end summer/autumn 2011:

– collect fruit
– scout out new trees
– scout out new distribution points who could use the fruit
– run a chutney or jam-making workshop
– give us stuff! Jam jars, recipe books, tarpaulins, apple pickers…. bike grease, the works….
– help out with publicity

To register your interest:

1. Email abundancearea4@gmail.com and put ‘volunteer’ in the subject heading
2. Tell us what you’d like to get involved in

That’s it! We’ll email you back closer to the time.

3 responses to “ABUNDANCE ACTIVITY 2011

  1. What happens with the fruit? Do we take it home or does it get donated somewhere?

  2. Heya, handed a leaflet about Abundance Nottingham today by Tim at Ecoworks. I’d love to volunteer evenings or weekends so please could you send me any info I’d need as last post on here from Jan 2011.
    Phil Swift

    • Hi Phil, Thanks for the interest. Yep – We need to update the website – I’ll try and do that tonight.
      I’ve added you to the abundance email list so hopefully you will get the information.

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