Get involved!

There are three main ways to get involved with Abundance (there may be more, please let us know if we have missed anything out!). Please note that most of Abundance’s work happens during the harvest season – i.e. August – November. We have now finished for 2010 but will be starting up again in autumn 2011. You can drop us an email in the meantime…..

1. Volunteer with us

Abundance is at its core a voluntary fruit picking and delivery service. Come along to our weekly fruit picks and help out getting ripe fruit off the trees and ready for delivery, or, if you have transport, help us deliver fruit.

Abundance also relies on volunteers to help with publicity (website and facebook links, etc), to run preserving workshops, help fundraise, etc. If you have a particular skill you are keen to develop, we’d love to hear from you.

As well as our core volunteers, Abundance does ad hoc picks with groups. If you belong to a group who you think could benefit from coming along to a pick as well as helping us out, get in touch.

2. Tell us about a fruit tree

Over the past two years we have been scouting out as many fruit trees in Nottingham as we can find. We harvest from public spaces, parks, and people’s private gardens and allotments too (with their permission of course!). If you own a fruit tree and would like to donate some fruit to charity or if you have seen one that you think no one is using, please get in touch.

3. Ask us for fruit!

We deliver fruit to not-for-profit organisations. Soup kitchens, rehab centres, community cafes, and one-off charity fundraising events – all these kinds of things. Drop us a line if you’d like to receive local, free, healthy fruit. We tend to collect quite a lot of cooking apples, so if you have a chef this helps. But we do also collect quite a lot of pears, apples, and damsons.

Contact Abundance at

One response to “Get involved!

  1. hi abundance people,
    my name is miriam. i have recently moved back to nottingham after many years of being away. i was involved in the early stages of abundance sheffield and am really keen to help out in my own town.
    i’d love to help pick and distribute this harvest and invite you to email me some more info or just give me a call on 0794 090 8893.
    best wishes
    miriam (july 2010)

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